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Workers Entitled To Unpaid Wages
Sep 27, 2022

Workers Entitled To Unpaid Wages

The Bureau of Labor Law recoups unpaid wages for workers irregardless of immigration status.

The office states that there are 1300 workers that are still owed $3 million in wages with companies that worked on city funded projects.

Under recent and past settlements, 1,300 workers are owed a total of $2.8 Million. The unpaid wages owed to workers who have not claimed their settlements range from a few hundred dollars to more than $86,000. One worker from Queens is owed $86,391, while another in Brooklyn is owed $64,537, and another from the Bronx is owed $51,358.

Comptroller Lander: More Than 1300 Workers Are Entitled to Nearly $3 Million in Prevailing Wages