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Immigrant Fruit Seller Cuffed On Subway
May 09, 2022

Immigrant Fruit Seller Cuffed On Subway

As if New York City needed more protesting.

Subway fruit vendor Maria Falcon was arrested – while not selling fruit out of the cart she was sitting with – and filmed by her daughter which went viral. Social media erupted with cries of outrage after the group Street Vendor Project shared the video.

Falcon said she felt “terrorized” by the incident – one which prompted a response from an NYPD spokesman who said the NYPD, the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) — the primary agency in charge of enforcing street vending regulations — and the Parks Department have gone after the unlicensed operators in response to complaints by the local Metropolitan Transportation Authority station manager, and that officers had previously ticketed Falcon in early April.

‘I felt terrorized’: Cops cuff Brooklyn subway fruit vendor, prompting new pushback by advocates