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With expertise in different facets of the law, The Law Offices of Michael L. Walker, Esq. is a full service law firm that guides individuals or companies through the legal system.

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Real Estate Law

Proceedings and transactions that deal with real property-land and structures attached to it.

Criminal Law

Representing clients in criminal cases ranging from investigative to grand jury process, plea agreements, and all other facets.

Employment Law

Litigation brought by alleged former employees seeking compensation for unpaid wages.

Bankruptcy Law

Consumer bankruptcy, discharge of debts, negotiating modifications on loan obligations.

Family Law

Orders of Protection, Petitions for Support, Downward Modifications, Custody/Visitation.

Will, Trusts & Estates

Matters which deal with the distribution of an individual’s property at his or her death.

Immigration Law

Full service immigration law firm practicing in deportation defense, visa process, and naturalization.

Business Law

Incorporation, LLC’s, Partnerships, Shareholders and Operating Agreements.  Sales and Purchases.

Divorce Law

Dissolution of a marriage.  Equitable distribution of the marital estate, custody, visitation, child support and maintenance.

Civil Litigation Law

Disputes between two or more parties seeking money damages or performance instead of criminal sanctions.

Latest News

NYC Immigration Crisis: Busing Out Of New York

When New York City Mayor Eric Adams celebrated New York as a sanctuary city and welcomed migrants he never thought it would bring his city’s capacity to take migrants to the breaking point. But that and more is what is going on in an immigration crisis that is[…]

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Real Estate: NYC Empty Office Uptick

The economic hardship New York City (and State) businesses were forced to endure due to COVID restrictions are still resonating in the commercial real estate industry. Not only store front vacancies but office space vacancies are still on the rise in New York. Economic Trouble Signs Emerge[…]

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Criminal Law: NYSBA Opposes State Bail Reform

The New York State Bar Association  (NYSBA) announced their previously suspected opposition to Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed rollback of the New York State bail reform laws of 2019. New York State Bar Association stands against bail reform rollbacks

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