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Bankruptcy and Debt Collection

Bankruptcy and Debt Collection

The decision to file bankruptcy is a very difficult one for most people. While bankruptcy makes financial sense for many individuals, they often delay it for social reasons. In most cases, they put themselves further in a hole and are constantly bombarded by debt collection calls. At this point, without any other option of repaying these days, filing for bankruptcy may be the only viable option that can relieve this stress.

Once a bankruptcy petition is filed, all debt collection efforts must cease. All creditors and debt collectors listed on your bankruptcy should receive notice directly from the bankruptcy court. If a debt collector still contacts you after filing bankruptcy, there is a chance the creditor or debt collector has violated the bankruptcy code. You should consult with us on this matter.

Solutions For Bankruptcy

Your best legal options for getting out from under debt will depend on your individual circumstances and goals. We can guide clients throughout their bankruptcy proceedings and always provide clear, honest information on the best course of action how it will affect you.

If you feel that you’re on the verge of bankruptcy or if you need help understanding how the process works, contact us for a consultation. The longer you wait, the worse it can become.

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